Aromatic oil with fresh herbs

Aromatic oil with fresh herbs

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I really like aromatic oils, they give a special flavor to food, but ATTENTION: do not cook with them, add them at the end or even before serving the food, otherwise they lose their flavor.
It can be offered as a gift.

  • 500 ml Sunflower oil or any kind of vegetable oil
  • fresh herbs: basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme
  • Bay leaf

Servings: 1

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Aromatic oil with fresh herbs:

Add all the herbs in a clean and sterilized bottle.

Pour the oil over and place the bottle in a cool, dark place.

For two weeks, the glass was shaken every day.

After it is opened, it is kept in the refrigerator so as not to rancid.

How to prepare flavored butter

1. Get out of the weather butter from the fridge and let it warm up so you can easily process it.

2. Garlic it can be crushed or crushed. In this case, we grind it with a knife. If you find it too difficult, there is the possibility of adding garlic powder, but it does not seem to have the same flavor.

3. Put the garlic and butter in the bowl and Stir well. Taste to see if it suits you.

4. Optional: add pepper, herbs and / or spices. Some prefer a little lemon juice or olive oil.

It is best to use your fresh flavored butter immediately. If not, keep it in the fridge, but not too much, because garlic oxidizes quickly and spoils everything.

How to keep herbs fresh for longer

There are several ways you can keep herbs fresh for longer. These plants are considered a wonder of nature, and nutritionists recommend that you always include them in your diet. In addition, your dishes will acquire a special flavor.

But you have to be very careful that the aromatic herbs that you use for cooking are always in the shelf life. Today we show you three ways to make sure you always have fresh food and don't have to go to the supermarket every time.

First of all, it is very important to know what types of herbs are, in order to know how to keep them. There are three different types:

  • specious: basil.
  • delicates: parsley, coriander, dill, mint, tarragon, asparagus.
  • resistance: rosemary, thyme, sage, chives.

How to keep herbs longer

Before you start storing, you must make sure that the plants are washed well. You need to remove debris and bacteria from grasses because they accentuate their degradation. After rinsing them several times, wipe them well with a kitchen towel to remove excess water.

The first method - Wrap them in paper towels

This method has been shown to be more effective in the case of herbs resistance, such as thyme or rosemary. It also works well in the case of chives. Arrange the herbs on a slightly damp paper towel, then put everything in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator.

The second method - & Icircn glass of water

This method works best with delicate herbs. Start by cutting the base of the stems and removing the rotten leaves. Place them in a glass of water, then cover the top of the plant with a plastic bag. Keep the glass in the refrigerator and make sure you replace the water every few days.

The third method - Cubes & ice cream

This method works best if you want to keep the herbs for a long time and at the same time preserve their flavor. It works with all kinds of herbs. Cut the plants into small pieces, then place them in the ice cube container.

Add a little water, then keep everything in the freezer. If you have more herbs you can make the mixture with the help of a food processor. To better preserve the flavor of the herbs you can add a drop of olive oil & icircn the container for ice cubes.

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Baked salmon fillets with herbs

A dish recommended for healthy eaters: no frying, no excess saturated fat, with Omega 3, with fresh herbs.

What do you need?

  • 700 g (3 pieces) salmon fillet (3 servings)
  • Grated peel of 1 lemon
  • 1 bunch of finely washed and chopped parsley
  • A few washed and chopped thyme leaves
  • 3 - 4 dill strands washed and finely chopped
  • 1 clove of garlic cleaned and crushed in the press
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Sea salt and freshly ground mosaic pepper to taste.
  • 125 g long grain rice
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce (light)
  • ½ teaspoon of salt.

How do you proceed?

  • Mix well the parsley, dill, thyme, garlic and lemon peel and place the homogeneous mixture obtained in a flat plate
  • Preheat the oven to 180˚C
  • Wallpaper a large tray with baking paper and grease it with olive oil
  • Season the salmon fillets well drained of water with salt and pepper
  • Then take each salmon fillet and press it well with the skinless face into the mixture of herbs so that they adhere in the form of an even layer on the fillets.
  • Place the fillets in the pan (with “green up”) and put the pan in the oven for 20-25 minutes (or until you notice that the salmon is “done” all the way to the top)
  • Meanwhile, boil the rice (as long as indicated on the package) in about 1 L of salted water to which you have added half a lemon cut in half.
  • Drain the rice well and mix in the soy sauce (which will give it its characteristic salty taste) and olive oil (which will give the grains a shine).

Serve hot with a glass of dry, well-cooled Italian Riesling. If necessary, according to taste and preferences, you can add a slice of lemon - to salmon, not wine!

Have fun and see you healthy again!

How do we get the most flavorful and tasty chicken?

To get a juicy and fragrant chicken I chose to use a mixture of spices that I really like. It is obvious that you can put your favorite spices, but I recommend you try the mixture from the recipe first. For even more flavor, I put fresh aromatic herbs inside the chicken. I chose rosemary, sage, thyme, basil and oregano. I put another clove of garlic cut in half and half a lemon. I put only 2 tablespoons of oil, but it also remained in the basket of the fryer, so the chicken is as dietary as possible. After seasoning the chicken, leave it to marinate for at least 1 hour, but best overnight.

The fryer from Tefal helps us to get a juicy and very tasty chicken. Although I do roasted chicken, it's never as juicy. This is the main thing I like about this fryer, that it does not dry chicken and that it is juicy and flavorful. It browns nicely without the need for oil. The fryer can be set at several temperature levels, so you don't risk the food burning. It also has a timer and you can set the cooking time up to an hour. I cooked the chicken for an hour, but you can leave it more or less, depending on its size and the chosen temperature. Also try my recipes for a menu complete with a tablespoon of oil. It is tasty and dietary!

Saute mushrooms in a pan with aromatic herbs

Pan-fried mushrooms with butter and herbs. Champignon mushroom sautéing post recipe. Replace the butter with oil. I have always been asked how I manage to make the mushrooms look so good: rosy, shiny if you feel like biting into them immediately. The procedure is simple and you will see that if you follow the steps in the recipe you will be able to make such appetizing mushrooms. If there are wild mushrooms it is even better! What a flavor they have & # 8230

For some properly sautéed mushrooms, ie brown, two aspects must be taken into account: the pan should be wide and the mushrooms should not be piled up (preferably on a single layer). There is also a theory that the pan must be very very hot & # 8211 thing that is only possible if the mushrooms are sautéed in oil. In this case, I worked with 82% fatty butter, which I put in the cold pan from the beginning, together with the mushrooms. It warmed up and melted without smoking or burning and the result is perfect: red mushrooms, sautéed perfectly.

Not to forget! Mushrooms are NOT washed with water. It is generally cleaned with a brush to remove impurities and dirt from them. In the forest there are also dry grass threads. If you really want to wash them, you can do it, but after that you have to let them drain and drain in a strainer (about 2 hours). Mushrooms have a spongy consistency and absorb a lot of water and this does not help us at all if we want to get red mushrooms.

If you are fasting you can use oil (preferably olive) and you can heat the pan first. In this case, natural whipping cream is also given up for cooking.

Mushrooms with fresh herbs in papillote

We offer you a recipe that is as simple as it is delicious, sent by Brindusa Scheaua, the author of the blog & quotCooking with my soul & quot.

"I noticed the Meatless Friday campaign on the site and I think it's a great idea. There are so many delicacies without meat, so many vegetables that some have not even heard of, that even on one day of the week it would be good to try them. I have a culinary blog, "Cooking with my soul", where many of the recipes are meatless. From them I chose one that I really like: mushrooms with fresh herbs. We did it with the & quoten papillote & quot technique, the one in which you put all the ingredients in a parchment foil (or baking sheet), close it very well and then put everything in the oven & quot, Brindusa wrote to us.

Heat the oven very well to 190 C.

Put 1/3 of the mushrooms in the middle of one of the parchment sheets, and put 1/3 of the herbs on top of them. From time to time add 1/3 of the butter (if you don't have butter, you can replace it with 100ml of olive oil.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fold the parchment sheet over the mushrooms and fold it well on the edges several times, until a well-sealed package is formed. Do the same with the other packages.

Put them in a pan in the oven for 30 minutes. Serve the packages directly on the plate. When you open them, be very careful because very hot steam will come out.

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How to prepare vinegar with herbs

White wine vinegar goes great with delicate herbs as well tarragon or dill, while apple cider vinegar is perfect in combination with strongly flavored herbs like basil and sage. Herbal vinegar will add complexity to salads or sauces. Hollandaise sauceFor example, it is best prepared with tarragon vinegar. In addition, if you buy some cute bottles from specialty stores, you can decorate the shelves with wonderful herbal containers.

Here's how easy it is to prepare:

1. Wash the herbs and dab them lightly with a clean kitchen towel.

2. Put the herbs in sterilized containers, then pour enough vinegar to cover them.

3. Keep them in a dark place for 3 weeks to allow the flavors to infuse. If you want a stronger aroma, replace the herbs with fresh ones.

4. Transfer the vinegar with herbs into bottles for serving. The bottles must have a stopper that closes tightly.

How to preserve your herbs

Never throw away herbs and, most importantly, don't let them wither too much. In general, greens last a few days (several in the case of rosemary), in the refrigerator, in closed bags or with the dips dipped in a bowl of water. But if you have too many or just don't use them now, you can keep them for later. It is best to preserve them in oil, preferably olive oil, which you can use together with the herbs in the recipes. Or, as the case may be, in vinegar.

What herbs to preserve

You can preserve almost any kind of herbs in oil, but what is really important is to preserve herbs that are worthwhile, that add value to the oil that they flavor, that have a high value and / or are harder to find in the cold season. For example, there is no point in preserving parsley in this way. Parsley is best preserved washed, well drained, chopped and frozen. But you can also preserve the aroma of the oil with rosemary, basil, sage, etc. Let's see how it's done.

Aromatic oil

You've probably seen bottles of hot peppers, rosemary sprigs and / or garlic cloves floating in Italian restaurants or shops. That's exactly what you should do. In this case, it is not so much the preservation of the herbs as the flavoring of the olive oil in the perspective of its subsequent use.

Simple! Wash the herbs, dry them well so that they have no water, put them in bottles and pour olive oil over them so that they cover them. Do not overdo it with the amount of herbs as it will result in an excessively intense oil, with an unpleasant rather than pleasant taste. The aroma will be felt after 2 weeks. Store in closed bottles, away from direct sunlight.

  • Italian aromatic oil: For 500 ml of olive oil to which are added 1-2 dried hot peppers, a sprig of rosemary and 3-4 cloves of garlic. If you don't like one of the three ingredients, you can skip one of them. It is used in salads, pasta sauces, on pizza, for baked potatoes.
  • Aromatic oil with lemon peel: 500 ml of sunflower oil, peel (only the yellow part) from 2 lemons. Used for pasta and salads.
  • Provence herb oil: 500 ml of olive oil and a sprig of rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram. It is used for steaks, baked potatoes, stews.
  • Bay oil and garlic: 500 ml of sunflower oil, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 10-12 whole peppercorns. It is used for tochitura, baked potatoes or pilafs.
  • Oregano flavored oil: 500 ml olive oil, 5-6 crushed whole olives, 1 sprig of oregano. It is mainly used for Greek dishes. How is the Greek salad.
  • Sage oil: 500 ml olive oil, 1 sprig of sage, 2-3 cloves of garlic. It is used for beef or chicken. See beef or chicken saltimbocca.
  • Thyme oil: 500 ml of sunflower oil, a sprig of thyme, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 10-12 peppercorns. It is used for steaks and stews.

Aromatic vinegar

Some herbs are better suited for flavoring vinegars than oils due to the way they will be used later. Unlike oils, the amount of herbs is much higher. Basically fill the pot with herbs (whole or cut into large pieces) in three quarters and fill with white vinegar.

  • Locust bean vinegar: fresh larch stalks and white vinegar.
  • Tarragon vinegar: it is a great combination of washed and dried tarragon and white vinegar.
  • Celery vinegar: 1 large bunch of celery stalks and white vinegar.
  • Dill vinegar: 1 large bunch of dill and white vinegar.

Herbal vinegars are used for soups, sauces and stews (ciulama). Both chopped vinegar and vinegar are used.

Cubes of greens in oil

Another way to preserve greens is to freeze them in olive oil. The advantage of this method is that it maintains the green, intense color of the greens thus preserved. At the same time, the amount of olive oil used to prevent dehydration of herbs is greatly reduced.

How come

Wash and drain the greens. Chop as desired and place in the ice cube tray of the refrigerator. If you do not have such a tray you can use any other small forms at hand, for example, a plastic egg form, washed and dried. Pour oil (preferably olive) over the herbs until covered. Place the tray in a perfectly horizontal position in the freezer. In a few hours it will look like the cubes in the picture. You can take them out of the mold and store them in a box of yogurt or margarine in the freezer. You can add them frozen directly to the food during the cooking process.


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