Best Breakfast Recipes

Best Breakfast Recipes

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Top Rated Breakfast Recipes

This breakfast bowl is filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, ground breakfast sausage, crispy potatoes and gooey melted cheese. The best part? Make these bowls on the weekend, store them in your freezer and heat them up for the quickest protein-filled breakfast. Much cheaper and healthier than pre-made breakfast bowls from the grocery store freezer isle, this convenient and heartwarming dish is perfect for busy families.Recipe courtesy of Happy Money Saver

These breakfast tacos are packed with spice and nutritious ingredients, like crispy potatoes, melted cheese, fluffy scrambled eggs and hearty bacon or sausage. It's a foolproof recipe that both kids and adults will love, especially when enjoyed on a camping trip. If you have a busy week ahead of you, make these tacos and throw them in the freezer for a breakfast on the go.Recipe courtesy of Tiffany Accardi, Gals That Brunch

This cheesy golden brown casserole is perfect for breakfast. This recipe is courtesy of McCormick.

Make a delicious McDonalds breakfast burrito right at home. You'll never want to step into a McDonald's again.

Got a can of Pillsbury biscuits languishing away in the back of the refrigerator, with no idea what to do? Here is one solution. These quick and easy breakfast sandwiches are definitely not haute cuisine and no hip brunch place would be caught dead serving them, except only ironically for about $10 a pop. But, they are grilled, and that makes everything OK.

They're simple, and yet so many fail so often to allow these simple breakfast standbys to really stand out. Smooth refried beans, steamed flour tortillas, chorizo, cheese, and crunchy fried potatoes — that's it. If you want to gussy them up, whip up a batch of fresh simple salsa and guac, or add some scrambled egg. If you don't have time to make your own refried beans, get a can of refried beans and doctor them up with a diced onion, hot sauce, water, and a handful of cheese to make them even tastier. Great in the mornings with kids, or for hangovers if you're still acting like one, and a quick savory dish if you're setting out to have breakfast for dinner.Click here to see Fall in Love with Breakfast Again — at Dinner.

A sure way to make kids smile, this frozen treat is a healthy and tropical way to start the morning.

Inspired by PJ's Organics, a line of organic and frozen burritos, this Denver breakfast burrito flaunts delicious flavor and nutritious ingredients for a healthy and uplifting start to your day.

Breakfast salad; the breakfast of champions and health nuts alike. Enjoy this bright and fresh morning salad on days when the call back to bed sounds a bit louder.This recipe is courtesy of Simply Healthyish Recipes.

Bison’s rich flavor and its sausage’s tender texture make it ideal for shaping into breakfast patties. These are seared to perfection and are the perfect complement to fried eggs.

I've been talking up the glories of the Texas-style breakfast burrito since moving to New York almost a decade ago. Honestly, I can think of few better ways to enjoy eggs than mixed with potatoes and sausage, smothered in cheese and overstuffed in a flour tortilla. Oh, and don't forget the spicy salsa on top.Click here to see Recipe SWAT Team: Everyday Eggs.

A delicious breakfast recipe featuring Almond Breeze milk.

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