Here’s a Fun New Way to Shower Your Holiday Party with Cockroaches

Here’s a Fun New Way to Shower Your Holiday Party with Cockroaches

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A Japanese company made Christmas crackers full of cockroaches

A Japanese company decided that the old, candy-shaped Christmas crackers were boring, so they filled them with cockroaches.

If your holiday is a bit too tidy and free of horrible vermin, a Japanese company has reinvented the traditional Christmas cracker as a fun new way to spray cockroaches all over the holiday table.

According to Rocket News 24, Link Factory, a Japanese company that produces fun novelty goods, has redesigned the festive seasonal party cracker. While a normal Christmas cracker is a fun British holiday toy that is designed to look like a giant piece of candy and is festively filled with things like confetti, jokes, candy, snacks, and small toys that burst out when the cracker is popped, the Link Factory “Cockroach Cracker” has replaced the confetti with a whole bunch of plastic cockroaches. At least, it seems like they’re probably plastic. Link Factory did not specify, but a holiday cracker filled with live cockroaches seems less like a quirky holiday prank and more like an awful thing to do in someone’s house.

The cockroach cracker is a little holiday cone decorated with a picture of a cockroach. It even appears to have a cockroach antenna sticking out the tip. But when that antenna is pulled, dozens of tiny cockroaches come bursting forth and spill all across the table.

Even though the cockroaches are fake, the vision of them scattered across the table is enough to put anyone off their Christmas cake, but Link Factory says they invented the Cockroach Cracker for people who are tired of the “same old party crackers, year after year.” Because if confetti and candy lose their appeal, a nest of baby cockroaches will surely help lighten the mood.

60 Easy Dip Recipes That Your Party Guests Will Devour in No Time

Whether you&rsquore looking for an easy snack to go with a Friday night Netflix and chill session, hosting a holiday dinner party, or coming up with some easy tailgate recipe ideas, one of the easiest (and tastiest) things you can make is a dip. Dips are great because they can flavor a variety of foods, from crunchy chips, or fries and onion rings, to healthy snacks like carrot sticks or cut pepper slices.

And these dip recipes are exactly what you need to feed anyone from yourself to a crowd in the easiest way possible. Everyone knows that appetizers are the best part of any gathering, and dips are probably in the number-one spot. While you&rsquoll surely have lots of delectable holiday appetizers at your Christmas gathering, why not serve up one of the creamy spinach dips or guacamoles?

Or, consider this year&rsquos Super Bowl party. These buffalo chicken or chicken fajita dips will be a perfect addition to your Super Bowl snacks. Who wouldn&rsquot love dunking a piece of crusty bread or a crunchy tortilla chip into one of these dishes? It doesn&rsquot matter how many people are attending your party, because these recipes are sure to feel a large group of people. And because they&rsquore so simple, you can always make more&mdashand you'll probably want to anyway! They're just that good. Don't forget to serve these party dip recipes up with a batch of themed drinks, like a Christmas cocktail, if you&rsquore having a holiday party. Make one of these dip recipes at your next party and your guests are sure to sing your praises!


Some parents come up with a fun theme for their reveal party, such as pregnancy cravings (think pickles, ice cream, and potato chips) or ducks (hang up a "waddle it be" banner).

You can also let holidays guide the theme. "Our friend had her gender reveal in October, and everyone wore either a pink or blue pumpkin pin," says one BabyCenter expecting mom.

"We combined our reveal party with St. Patrick's Day, which made it extra fun," adds Martin. (Yes, there were pink and blue shamrocks!)

Another BabyCenter mom says, "With my last one, we found out at the end of March, right before Easter. We handed out Easter eggs and counted to three. Everyone opened the egg to find a blue peep inside."

Test Out Memorial Day Recipes

Many families have backyard barbecues on Memorial Day weekend. Spruce up the menu with these delicious treats, including fruit pops, smash burgers, and whoopie pies.

This Memorial Day recipe gives a patriotic twist to classic Rice Krispies Treats, thanks to the addition of red and blue food coloring.

Nothing beats fresh fruit on a warm day! This recipe elevates bananas and pineapples with vanilla yogurt, toasted coconut, and sprinkles.

Memorial Day goes hand-in-hand with backyard barbecues. This year, try out these diner-inspired smash burgers. Mom or Dad can grill up the patties, while kids can prepare a variety of yummy toppings.

This Memorial Day recipe will satisfy any sweet tooth. You can also add red and blue sprinkle decorations for a pop of color!

These tricolored spritzers are surprisingly easy—and very refreshing! Simply make red, white, and blue ice cubes with trays (we used cranberry juice, water, and blue Powerade). Kids can drop some of them into a glass of plain seltzer.

Animoto Holiday Video Greetings Choose from these two new styles along with many other holiday video templates, from simple to fun, to traditional and modern.

I love the &ldquoWonderland of Snow&rdquo video template.

This video was so simple! It took me longer to decide what photos to use than the time it took to create it.

You can choose your own music by selecting from more than 45 holiday songs available on Animoto, or upload one of your favorite songs.

It&rsquos really fun! Try it out with ONE FREE MONTH of Animoto Plus&hellip

Register a free account using this link and your account will automatically be credited with 1 month of Animoto Plus.

Offer expires December 31, 2011

Enjoy your gift and have fun making videos! Be sure to share this gift with a friend.

Thanks to Animoto for sponsoring this post and providing everyone with a free gift! All opinions are my own.

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples

Use these examples to help you write the unique bridal shower invitation wording you need for your formal, casual or whimsical party.

Rustic and flowery, a wood-grain, scripted bridal invitation matches pleasing colors with a sense of elegance.

Formal Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

44 Border Street, Cohasset, MA

Hosted by Jennifer Lawrence

RSVP by March 1 st to 617-555-1212

Casual Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Sunday, August 16 at 12 pm

3709 Cove Road, Seattle, Washington

RSVP to Susan at 555.0000 by August 10

Fun Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Pop the Bubbly for the Bride to Be

Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of

Saturday May 5 th at 7:00 pm – Herons – 100 Ray Road, Cary, NC

Hosted by Kara Drake – RSVP 919-555-4136 by April 25 th

Co-ed Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Sunday, May 27, 2016 at 11:00 am

275 Bronte Street, San Francisco

RSVP Jen at 415-555-1212 by May 16 th

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording with Registry Information

Join us for a Bridal Shower in honor of

200 Mission Street, San Francisco

RSVP to Sarah at 542-555-0014 by October 1 st

Michelle is registered at Bridal Boutique

Find the perfect bridal shower invitations that reflect the bride-to-be’s unique style and personality. Customize your bridal shower invitations with unique party details, colors and trim.

Chalkboard Party Backdrop

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure policy here.

It’s time for another fun, monthly blog hop–featuring 10 of our favorite creative bloggers! This month’s theme is all things CHALKBOARD, and we just know you’ll have a blast with these projects. We’d love for you to pin our collage below, check out my Chalkboard Party Backdrop I made below and then go see all the other fabulous projects created by some of our friends!

You can click the button above to check out our past projects.

As you know we love parties at our house and I look for excuses to hold parties.

I love finding fun, new and creative ways to decorate for parties and I especially love decor that I can use over and over again for various parties and themes.

I love creating party backdrops. Things I can hang on my walls to create a fun atmosphere. I have shared a couple of party backdrop ideas before.

And the party backdrop I made out of curtains from Goodwill.

Today’s Party Backdrop is just as fun and as versatile. It’s a chalkboard party backdrop!

Can you guess what I made it out of? It’s an old school retractable map!!

Now if you don’t have one of these just laying around your house you can get yourself one on ebay for $30-40.00 That’s where I got mine! Mine also came with a bonus – two maps!

I just cut off the more interesting of the two maps – for a possible future project. Since I was painting over it I left the less interesting one attached to the roller at the top. I did remove the metal casing that it comes with because of the weight of it. It would be easier to hang on the wall with out and I really didn’t need it to retract anymore. I could just roll it up when I wasn’t using it. I used regular black chalkboard paint to paint it.

It took about 3 coats of paint to cover it. It was then ready to be chalked. I used regular chalk on it instead of chalk pens because I would be erasing it and regular chalk erases better than chalkpens.

I had a bridal shower I was hosting and I wanted to use it as the backdrop to our serving table. I called in a friend to help me with the chalkart. Hannah is the darling daughter of a friend of mine. I follow Hannah on instagram and had seen photos of some very fun chalkart she had been doing so I asked if she’d come help me and she so kindly and sweetly obliged.

Since it was a bridal shower we went with the words from an old Beatles song – All you need is love!

Hannah did such a great job and she just free handed it all – no tracing or lines!

It made the perfect backdrop for our bridal tea party and the pretty bride to be!

I used Commando hooks and some string to hang it on the wall.

I may just leave it hanging in my kitchen for a while I like it so much. Can’t wait to use it again at our next party. It would be a fun backdrop for a photo booth too.

Drive-thru Birthday Party Favors

We love seeing all the clever ways people are celebrating these days. Drive-thru events are a fun, new way to keep the party going while still social distancing. House fronts and lawns get decked out with balloons, streamers, props, and colorful murals. Friends and family parade by in cars decorated with flowers, more balloons, and ‘happy birthday’ signs hanging out the windows. To-go party favors can be placed on a table in the yard, or can be handed off to curbside guests with minimal contact. Here are two cute ideas for easy favors guests can enjoy back at home.

For a kid’s birthday party, package up cinnamon rolls (store-bought or homemade) in a gift box with a sweet message on top: “We love how you roll!” to thank them for driving by on the big day.

Pictured Products: Five and Dime Personalized Labels

Mini-champagne and keepsake coasters are perfect for a grown up party to-go. Add a message like “Thanks for making my day sparkle” and “Cheers to ‘birthday person’s name’ – and you!” Make it more fun by specifying a time for everyone to open their bottles and share a toast.

Pictured Products: Gatsby Personalized Labels and Hangtags, Golden Honor Photo Coasters

Bundle the mini-champagne and coaster in a cellophane bag and top off with a hangtag and pretty bow. Cheers!

Items pictured: For the cinnamon roll idea, we used the Five & Dime design labels. The mini-champagne idea features Gatsby design for the label and tag , along with Golden Honor design coasters.
Packaging used: small kraft boxes and large cellophane bags.

Bobbi works as a designer and blog contributor at Evermine. When she’s not working on new designs or styling customer orders Bobbi enjoys hiking, yoga, making pizza and all kinds of crafty things.


How to Make an Invisible Ink Message – 5 ways
Free Murder Mystery Party Ideas – eHow.com How to Set up a Mock Crime Scene – eHow.com How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party (And Why You’ll Be Glad You Did)
How to Host a Murder Mystery Party – Ten Easy to Follow Steps to Plan and Host the Perfect Party by Dr. Bon Blossman How to Host a Murder Mystery Party Tips How to Create Your Own Murder Mystery Party Without a Kit – eHow.com

40 Ideas for Build Your Own Bars

The other day Mark and I were discussing cupcakes. As in – why did they become such a THING? They’re messy, no matter how you eat them. (Seriously, don’t even tell me about the break it in half and stick the frosting in the middle of your cupcake sandwich method. Still. Messy.)

The only justification I could come up with was that cupcakes are cute. Because they’re little cakes. And little things are cute.

Still, I think it’s time we move past this trendiest of party foods. And onto build your own bars!

Obviously I’m kidding about the cupcakes. (Scroll on down and you’ll see that a Build Your Own Cupcake Bar is first under the dessert category.) But I do love build your own bars for a party!

Build Your Own Bars are an easy, but fun, way to display and serve food to guests. They’re especially suited for parties that aren’t exactly sit-down meals with several courses. You know, fancy dinners? Probably not your best choice then. But for pretty much every other kind of get-together – picnic, BBQ, casual meal, baby shower, reunion, Cinco de Mayo party, New Year’s Eve party, birthday party, any gathering when you invite more people than you have dining room chairs – they’re perfect.

You set up a table, put out all the ingredients for your meal or food item (or beverage), and voila! Your friends and family get a customized meal made with their favorite foods. And it’s fun! And looks cuter than cupcakes! (Especially if you Pinterest it up with Mason jars, burlap and paper straws.)

By the way, Build Your Own Bars are often called party bars or food stations. That’s helpful to know if you want to search for various ideas on Pinterest. But you don’t really have to, because I’ve done all the searching for you. (ALL. The. Searching.) I’ve got 40 of the best party bar slash food station slash build your own bar ideas for you right here!


    – With a Southern Twist – Wit & Delight – Wish I Were a Housewife – I Heart Naptime – Busy Bee Lifestyle – KoJo Designs – Goat & Lulu


Sandwiches & Meals

    – Hostess with the Mostess – Your Home-Based Mom – Completely Delicious – Tied Ribbon – Saveur – Balancing Beauty & Bedlam – Celebrations at Home – Big Red Kitchen


Sides & Snacks & Apps

    – Simple Bites – Balancing Beauty & Bedlam – City Mom – The Red Dirt Bride – Celebrations at Home – What’s Gaby Cooking

Desserts & Fruits & Fruity Desserts

    – Wedding Chicks – Play Party Pin (printable) – Cooking with Jax – Love Taza – Life Sweet Life (slices) – Craftberry Bush – Celebrations at Home – Bakers Royale – Cook the Story

What’s your favorite kind of meal (or food) to serve in a build-your-own bar?

Watch the video: To Όνειρο του Σκιάχτρου στην Κατερίνη! του Ευγένιου Τριβιζά-Παιδική Σκηνή Χρ. Τριπόδη ΗD Feb 20 (July 2022).


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