Soup with semolina dumplings

Soup with semolina dumplings

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How to make dumplings:

Put the oil, beaten eggs, semolina and salt powder in a bowl. Mix well with a fork until you get a homogeneous mixture.

We put the bowl in the fridge and start preparing the soup.

How to make soup:

Chop the onion, celery and small parsnips and sliced ​​carrots, so that they look nice in the soup.

Put water in a pot, add the vegetables, cover with a lid and bring to a boil.

When the water started to boil, take the bowl with the dumpling mixture out of the fridge, take a cup in which we put cold water and with the help of a spoon (not a spoon!) Form the dumplings as follows: put the teaspoon in cold water from the cup, fill it with the composition of dumplings and put it in the soup that boils over low heat. Repeat as fast as we can until we finish the whole composition.

Put the lid to one side on the pot and let it simmer for 10 minutes, then pour a cup of cold water over all the dumplings. Season with salt and pepper, cover again with the lid on one side and let it boil for about 40-45 minutes until you notice that the dumplings have enlarged.

Add a little oil over the soup, take out a dumpling to see if it is cooked (not to be hard and raw in the middle), turn off the heat and sprinkle with chopped parsley.


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