A fish

Carp in sour cream

Ingredients for cooking carp in sour cream

The main

  1. Headless carp 1 piece
  2. Onions 1-2 pieces
  3. Butter 1 spoon
  4. Sour cream (30% fat) 1 cup
  5. Bay leaf 2 pieces
  6. Pepper to taste
  7. Basil to taste
  8. Wheat flour 1 teaspoon
  9. Cinnamon 1 stick


  1. Onion 1 piece (small)
  2. Garlic 1 clove
  3. Milk optional
  • Main Ingredients: Carp, Onion, Garlic, Sour Cream, Flour
  • Portion4-5


Bakeware, kitchen knife, deep plate, disposable paper towels, cutting board, hot pot holders, spatula, tablespoon.

Cooking carp in sour cream:

Step 1: prepare the fish.

Cut the gutted and peeled carp into portions. It can be something like fish steaks or just portion slices as in the photo.
Peel a small onion and a clove of garlic and chop finely.
Put the fish in a plate, add garlic and onion to it, pour in milk, mix lightly and drown each slice of carp so that it is covered on all sides with milk. Put it all in the refrigerator for one night.
Of course, it’s better to do all this in advance, so I did not indicate the time spent pickling carp in the description of the recipe.

Step 2: prepare the onion.

Peel onions and cut into thin rings. Dip it in a pan with hot oil and fry over medium heat until transparent. Do not forget to mix often.
At the very end, sprinkle the onion with flour and mix everything thoroughly, without ceasing to heat.

Step 3: prepare sour cream filling.

Add the remaining spices to the onion and pour it with fat sour cream.

Stirring the sour cream filling, bring it to a boil over medium heat. Let it boil a little, and then remove the sour cream filling from the heat, but let cool.

Step 4: bake carp in sour cream.

Set the oven to warm up 170 degrees Celsius.
Remove the pieces of fish from the milk, dry them with paper towels and lay them on a baking sheet in one layer. Fill the carp on top with hot sour cream filling (it is better to remove the bay leaf and cinnamon stick).
Send the carp in sour cream to bake in a preheated oven on 30-35 minutes.
As soon as the specified time has passed and the fish is well baked, remove the form with it from the oven and serve it to the table, laying out slices on serving plates.

Step 5: serve the carp in sour cream.

Serve carp in sour cream should be hot. Sprinkle it with fresh herbs on top, add a side dish of rice, pasta or potatoes (fish puree would be ideal), plus some sauerkraut salad, for example, with mushrooms.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Try to choose for baking those parts of the carp where there are fewer short, slightly noticeable bones.

- White pepper is good here, if suddenly it turns up to your arm, then be sure to add it.