Roast potatoes

Fried potato ingredients

  1. Potato 5 pieces
  2. Butter 50 grams
  3. Onion 1 piece
  4. Salt 2 teaspoons
  5. Ground black pepper 1 teaspoon
  6. Purified water 2 tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients Potato
  • Serving 3 servings
  • World Cuisine


Frying pan, kitchen knife, butter knife, spatula, cutting board, paper towels, slotted spoon

Cooking fried potatoes:

Step 1: Prepare the onion.

Cut the onion into two halves and clean it from the scales; it is much more convenient to clean the onion floor than the whole. After cleaning, crush it into small cubes and mix a little with your hands so that the pieces of onion peel off from each other.

Step 2: Prepare the potatoes.

Peel, wash, and cut the potatoes into medium-sized cubes.
If you have the opportunity, use homemade young potatoes, right from the garden. It does not need to be peeled, just wipe it properly with a brush or sponge.
Put slices of potatoes on a paper towel and pat dry. If excess moisture remains, it can destroy vegetables and turn fried potatoes into fried mashed potatoes.

Step 3: Fry the potatoes.

Take 50 grams butter, it's usually about 1/4 whole pack. Put it in a pan and set it on high heat. The oil should completely dissolve and cover the entire bottom of the dishes.
Put dried potatoes in ghee. Reduce heat and fry at medium power for about 5-7 minutesuntil the underside of the potato is golden crusted.

Put finely chopped onions to the fried potatoes, add salt and black pepper. Try to distribute seasonings evenly. Cook yet 1 minute and flip. Do not mix, but turn over! This is an important stage in the cooking process, now you need to preserve the integrity of the potato, and for this it should be raw side down, and fried up.Keep frying the potatoes over medium heat yet 5 minutes, then turn over again, repeat this operation until the potato is covered with a golden blush on all sides evenly. On average, it takes 10-15 minutes.
As soon as the potatoes with onions are fried, reduce the heat a little more, but not to a minimum. Add 2 tablespoons of water, gently pouring them around the edges. Cover and cook about 8 minutes. After this time, you will have ready-made fried potatoes, evenly fried on the outside and soft inside. Use a slotted spoon and lay the potatoes on paper towels to get rid of excess fat.

Step 4: Serve the fried potatoes.

Serve the fried potatoes hot as a side dish for meat, poultry or fish, garnish with greens and add the sauce to taste. In any case, you will get a pleasant-looking, tasty and satisfying dish.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If you could not find butter at hand, use margarine.

- For flavor, add bay leaf to the dish when stewing potatoes.

- You can add any seasonings to the chips, be it garlic or dried, or maybe even fresh herbs, allspice or a ready-made seasoning mixture.

- If your potato sticks to the pan and does not turn over, it means it was too wet before cooking.