Briose omelet

Briose omelet

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I had a package of 300 g of frozen vegetables from Lidl that has butter inside. I put the vegetables on the fire in a pan together with the butter and a cup of water. I left them on the fire until the water dropped and the vegetables softened.

I beat the 6 eggs with salt and pepper, I added grated mozzarella, sliced ​​olives, then I added the vegetables and the baked potato.

I greased the muffin tins with butter and then put the composition. I sprinkled a little more mozzarella on top of each muffin.

I put the tray in the hot oven for 20-25 minutes until they are baked.

They are very good and warm and cold, for dinner or breakfast.

Video: Easy Egg Muffin- Healthy Breakfast Recipe for kids by Tiffin Box. Vegetable Omelette Muffins Recipe (July 2022).


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