Winter horserador

Ingredients for preparing a winter horserador

  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 8 servings


A tablespoon, a cutting board, a knife, a peeler, a medium bowl, a plate - 2 pieces, a blender, a large bowl, a teaspoon, a small pan with a lid, a strainer or flat colander, kitchen pots, glass liter jars - 2 pieces, twisted metal lids - 2 pieces, a cloth towel, kitchen tongs, a scoop, a fridge, a deep bowl for serving, a stove, a kitchen sponge, dishwashing detergent, a garlic squeezer

Preparing a winter horserador:

Step 1: .

We carefully wash the tomatoes under running water and put them on a cutting board. Using a knife, we cut the vegetables in half and from each part we remove the place to which the tail was attached. Now grind the components in pieces and transfer to a medium bowl. Attention: the ripe the tomatoes, the juicier and richer the sauce. You can even take overripe large fleshy fruits, you will not be mistaken.

Step 2:.

We wash the horseradish root under running water and put it on a cutting board. Using a peeler, cut the skin and then, using the knife, cut the component into medium pieces. The crushed horseradish is moved to a clean plate and temporarily set aside.

Step 3:.

We put the garlic on a cutting board and lightly press down with the edge of the knife. Then with clean hands we remove the husk and, if desired, rinse the cloves under running water.

Using a garlic squeezer, grind the garlic directly above a flat surface and immediately pour it into a free plate. Attention: you can ease your task and do this procedure, when we’ll already prepare a horseradish and chop all the vegetables in a blender. I usually practice the first and second options.

Step 4:.

Before sterilizing jars with lids, they must be thoroughly rinsed under running water. To do this, we need a kitchen sponge with detergent for dishes. After the process is completed, we place the containers on a flat surface covered with a clean cloth towel, and begin the next stage of cleaning.
Pour ordinary cold water into a small pan so that the liquid fills the tank no more than half. We put it on medium heat and cover it with a lid. When the water boils, we reduce the fire and begin the process of sterilizing the container. To do this, remove the lid, and to replace it carefully place a sieve or flat colander. Carefully put a jar on top of the structure, but always with the neck down. We sterilize the container for 10-15 minutes until steam begins to flow down the inner walls. Immediately after that, with the help of kitchen tacks, remove the jar and move it to a clean cloth towel and also upside down. Leave her alone until she becomes warm. In the meantime, we are doing the procedure from beginning to end with a second glass container. At the end, remove the sieve or colander from the pan, and carefully place the metal lids in the boiling liquid. We sterilize them exactly the same time as the banks. After the allotted minutes, using kitchen tongs, we take the lids out of boiling water and put them next to the container.

Step 5:.

Put in the blender bowl 1/2 part tomatoes mixed with pieces of horseradish root. We grind everything at high speed until the ingredients turn into a homogeneous mass.
Immediately after that, pour everything into a large bowl, and add the remaining tomatoes into the chopper tank. Once again, chop the component at high speed until it makes tomato puree. Then pour it into a common bowl and begin the final stage of cooking hot sauce.

Add chopped garlic, salt, sugar, and vinegar to the bowl. Using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth. In appearance, the hrenoder should resemble adjika in some way. Important: after all, you need to taste the dressing and add salt and sugar as needed.

Now, using the scoop, pour the sauce into sterilized jars, and cover the horseradish with vegetable oil on top, so that a film with a thickness of approximately 2 mm. Thanks to this ingredient, refueling can stand longer in a cool place and not deteriorate. At the end, tightly close each jar with metal lids and put in the refrigerator until winter. I admit honestly, the first jar we leave in the next three weeks. It’s hard to resist, the sauce is very tasty.

Step 6:.

When the time comes to relish the horserador, we take it out of the refrigerator, open the jar with our hands and use a tablespoon to shift it into a deep bowl. But we serve the sauce along with various unsweetened dishes. For example, it can be dumplings, jellied meat, fried or baked meat and much more. My husband loves just to spread the sauce on a slice of bread and enjoy such a simple but tasty meal with tea. In a word, experiments are held in high esteem today. The main thing is that you always have a hrenoder in a cool place and are waiting for an invitation to the dining table.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- Attention: if you add less garlic, then the horseradder may turn sour;

- after 3 weeks, the sauce will not cut your eyes and become more loyal to your throat and stomach. Thus, you can enjoy dressing depending on how much you like fiery food;

- if you have a cellar, then the hrenoder can be stored there. The main thing is that there is no direct sunlight in the room, and you feel a chill.